Best Way To Get Longshot Kills

This guide will show you the best way get longshot kills fast, allowing you to get back on that camo grind in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

Although not hard, this weapon camo challenge does take quite a long time to complete, but this guide will help you speed up that process.

What Are Longshot Kills?

Before we go into the best method of getting longshot kills in Cold War, we need to know what is a longshot kill, and what counts towards the challenge.

First of all, longshot kills are kills from around 30 metres or more, to check if a location is over 30 metres simply click on your keyboard to ping. If you are on Xbox or Playstation, click the left D-Pad button. You can check the official Activision website here what the controls are for you if you’re unsure.

Best Way To Get Longshot Kills

Weapon Modifications

For most weapons, you wont need to change anything to help you get longshot kills, but for close range weapons like submachine guns, I would advise you to change some of your weapon attachments.

For an optic I would recommend the Visiontech 2x scope or the Axial Arms 3x scope. Although not necessary, if you prefer, you can use a less magnified scope but from my experiences these scopes help you see exactly where you are shooting from those long ranges.

For a Muzzle, I recommend one which controls Vertical Recoil but doesn’t sacrifice your Effective Damage Range or Bullet Velocity because these are very useful to get long range kills.

For the Barrel, I recommend one which adds to your Effective Damage Range and Bullet Velocity, but doesn’t sacrifice your recoil control, this is very important for controlling your weapon at the longer ranges, especially with SMG’s.

For the Body, I recommend any attachment which boosts your Reveal Distance, this can dramatically help you with identifying enemies, especially when they are quite far away.

For the Underbarrel, I recommend a grip which helps your recoil, again to help you control your weapon. If you can easily control your recoil, you could maybe leave out some of the recoil attachments but they do help, trust me!

For the Magazine, Its your choice really, I would normally go for a 40 or 50 round speed mag, but this doesn’t really make any difference.

For the Handle, I recommend using a handle which helps your Flinch Resistance, this is so that you will be able to contend at the longer ranges even whilst your being shot at.

Again, like the Magazine, the Stock doesn’t really matter, feel free to choose any one of your choice!

In Short

In Short, I recommend modifying your weapon with attachments which help recoileffective damage range and bullet velocity.

Game Modes To Play

HIGHLY recommend playing in hardcore mode, this will mean your kills take around 1 or 2 bullets, meaning that there is much less difference in weapons at long range. This means if you are using an SMG it will be much easier to get longshot kills. If you’re using a sniper I don’t recommend playing in hardcore.

If you dont want to play in hardcore mode, you can play on Combined Arms Moshpit. These maps are usually a lot bigger than the normally multiplayer maps and suit a sniper very well!

Maps To Play


Nuketown is by far the BEST map to play to get longshot kills, and I will show you exactly why, this map focuses on longshot kills with automatic weapons.

The first location in Nuketown, is right here:

This allows you to get longshot kills from the middle section to the doorway in the other house.

You can also locate yourself here for longshot kills:

This location primarily focuses on getting kills in the doorway on the opposite house, a lot of enemies will run through the doorway so you can definately get a lot of kills like this!

If you are on the other side of Nuketown, I recommend camping here:

Overall, If you stay in these locations all game, you can get up to 20 longshot kills per game if you are on hardcore mode, a very useful location which you need to use!


Satellite is a very good map for getting longshot kills, especially with snipers! The map is filled with a range of locations, I would prioritise staying on the desert side of the map, here you can get lots of longshot kills!


That is all I have for this guide on the best way to get longshot kills fast, If you have any suggestions or problems, feel free to leave us a comment below!

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