Best Way To Get Point Blank Kills – Cold War

This guide will show you the easiest method to get Point Blank kills in Black Ops Cold War, to help you get the camos you need in order to get gold!

How To

Changes In Your Class

First of all, you are going to want to equip a silencer which has 100% Muzzle Flash Concealment, this is very important. This is because you want to stay as stealthy as possible and a silencer will contribute a lot to this.

Next for your perks I recommend using Assassin for perk slot 2. This is because you can maximise the amount of people you can encounter in game, giving you more of a chance to get a Point Blank Kill, also it reveals the location of enemies. For perk slot 3, I recommend using either Ghost or Ninja. Both these perks will help you remain even more stealthy, personally I used Ninja to get my Point Blank kills.

For the equipment, I recommend using a Field Mic for your field upgrade, this is because it can reveal the enemies location if you place it in a busy area, making it easier to plan your position. Using Flashbangs or Stun Grenades do help especially if there is more than 1 enemy, usually you will die before being able to throw the grenade so be careful and don’t overuse them.

For your scorestreaks I recommend using a Spy PlaneArmour and a Counter Spy Plane, again this helps you remain stealthy whilst getting the upper hand on your enemies.

Strategies and Playstyle

What you want to do is go into the enemy spawns, or where the enemies are coming out of their spawns, you don’t want to flip the spawns but you just want to secure the outer perimeter from where they are coming out from.

For the game mode, I recommend playing on Combined Arms Mosh Pit, this is because you can increase your chances of encountering and enemy and the maps are bigger, making it easier to flank the enemies and get to their spawns. I have been doing very well on Armada Strike, so make sure to vote for that map if you see it!

Feel free, if your struggling or have any questions, to leave us a comment!

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