Cyberpunk Ray Tracing Comparison – On vs Off

Here, on this post, we will do a cyberpunk ray tracing comparison, with ray tracing turned on and off. If possible, I recommend turning on ray tracing as it makes the game look much better! Anyway, with all of that out the way, lets get onto this comparison.

Cyberpunk Ray Tracing Comparison

We will compare 5 places in the map with ray tracing turned both on and off, to show you if its worth turning ray tracing on. Keep in mind, we are using Psycho Ray Tracing quality.

You can check here to see if your computer meets the minimum requirement specs for ray tracing.

We tried to cover all the different lighting circumstances you will encounter in Cyberpunk 2077, from indoors, low lighting, bright lighting, whilst in a car and of course water.

Judging from the images above, with a side by side comparison, I think the first image shows off ray tracing the best, whilst the other comparisons look very similar. But as always, once you are in the game it makes a big difference, if you have the chance I recommend doing a comparison like this, and seeing if you think the performance hit is worth it for ray tracing.

I myself run raytracing whilst playing cyberpunk 2077 but it definately comes with a cost.

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