CPU Fan Error

[SOLVED] How To Fix CPU Fan Error in 2022

Are you Looking for methods to fix CPU fan Error? Does your CPU is really prone to CPU fan error? or there is something that makes CPU error occur in your CPU. If you don’t know how to fix CPU fan Error, then here is the complete guide for you to fix CPU fan error. This error is one of the most common errors that occur at the starting when you open your Windows desktop or your Laptop. It is simply an error message which shows “CPU Fan error: Press F1 to run setup” If you are also getting this error message then don’t worry it can be easily resolved by using the appropriate method.

CPU Fan Error
CPU Fan Error

Reasons for CPU Fan Error

CPU fan error is very frustrating. There can be various reasons for CPU fan error. This error occurs at the starting when the user tries to open the desktop or laptop, a message occurs showing “CPU fan Error”. Generally, a warning trigger after the system turns off due to excessive heating and happens due to improper functioning of the CPU fan which is unable to cool the system equipment properly. There are also some reasons which cause the CPU error to occur like Dust, BIOs problem, fan problem. Let’s have look at each problem one by one.

Reasons for CPU Fan Error
1. Dust
2. BIOS Problem
3. Fan Problem
Reasons for CPU fan Error


Generally, CPU errors occur on your desktop or in the laptop when the speed of the CPU fan lowers down or the CPU fan stopped due to the accumulation of dust and dirt which blocked the fans and reduces their speed. So make sure to clean the CPU fan from time to time.

Accumulation of dust in CPU fan

BIOS Problem

The incorrect fan setting in the BIOS interface can lead to CPU fan error. Some time User unintentionally changes the CPU fan setting in the BIOS interface. If the changes made by the user in the fan setting are not correct or inappropriate according to the CPU fan speed then in that case, the system does not detect the fan or might not detect any fan speed. So always ensure to have the correct CPU fan setting in BIOS.

Fan Problem

Sometimes fan itself is responsible for the occurrence of a CPU fan error. If the fan is not properly connected or the CPU fan is damaged or in a broken state which simply causes the overheating problem and this results in CPU fan error. So make sure the CPU fan is properly connected and also not in broken or damaged condition otherwise it will create immense heating problems and result in this CPU error.

CPU fan error due to damage CPU fan

How To Fix CPU Fan Error in 2022

Above you have come to know the reasons for this CPU Error now have a look at the methods to fix CPU fan error. Try the fixes which are given below:

Methods to Fix CPU Fan Error
Fix 1: Change BIOS Settings
Fix 2: Clean CPU Fan
Fix 3: Check Hardware

Change BIOS Settings

If you find your CPU fan is in good condition and is working properly without causing any overheating issue but still you are getting the CPU fan error message then you must look to change the BIOS setting. Here, you can change it by following the steps:

  • Go to BIOS setup and select the Monitor option.
  • Now go to the “fan speed monitor” entry.
  • Then set the fan speed from N/A to IGNORE.
  • Save the changes you have made and exit the BIOS setup.
  • Then restart your system.
Change BIOS Setting to avoid CPU Fan Error
Change BIOS Setting to avoid CPU Fan Error

Clean CPU Fan

As told earlier, the accumulation of dust and dirt can create a huge problem and may result in CPU Fan error. So proper cleaning of CPU fan becomes very important. Clean the CPU fan and remove dust from it and if possible clean other components to avoid overheating and CPU fan error problems.

Check Hardware

The next thing you can do is to check the hardware. Check the fan connection and also look at the connection to the motherboard. Make the fan dust-free by removing dust with the help of compressed air. Check whether the CPU fan is in a working state or not and make sure it is not in a damaged or broken state. You can apply thermal paste to lower down the CPU temperature. All these things will avoid overheating and ultimately avoid this error.

CPU fan
CPU fan

How to enable the fan control in the BIOS?

If you want to enable the fan control in the BIOS then follow the given steps:

  • First, go to the BIOS setup by pressing the F2 key.
  • Now select an advance setting and under this select the cooling option.
  • You will see the fan setting which will display at the top section of the CPU.
  • Now press F10 Key to exit BIOS setup.
Change BIOS Setting to avoid CPU Fan Error
Enable the fan control in the BIOS

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What to do when CPU fan error but the fan is working?

Answer: If CPU fan is working properly but there is a CPU error, so just change the BIOS setting. Above we have told you the how-to change BIOS setting.

FAQ 2: How to get rid of CPU fan error?
Answer: This can be avoided with some easy methods like clean ventilation slot time to time, cleaning of CPU fans, checking for the proper fan setting in BIOS, use of different CPU fan heads, Keep the CPU surrounding neat and clean.

So this is all about how to fix CPU fan error. We hope you got the reason as well as the solutions to this error. Share this article on CPU fan error with your friends and stay connected with us for more guides like this.