Fnatic Gear – Rush Pro Gaming Keyboard Review

This is a review for the Rush Pro Gaming Keyboard, I have owned this product for almost a year, my keyboard contains Cherry MX Brown Switches. I’m your average keyboard consumer and this review will aim to guide your purchase of this keyboard!

This review will contain a list of positives and negatives, with a star rating, feel free to skip to the end of the review if you want the quick information.

Keep in mind, this is only my opinion, some of the things I mention today may not matter to you.


First I have to say, I am very pleased with this keyboard, this was my first mechanical keyboard and I have to say its a very good one! Like me, if you will be using this keyboard for both gaming and everyday use, I advise you to pick the Cherry MX Brown switches.

The keyboard contains a wrist rest and a braided cable, however the cable is not swappable. The product definitely has a premium feel.

Wrist rest

The wrist rest has an almost rubberised feel, even though it isn’t rubber, this wrist rest is very good, I have had no issues with it. This allows you to be able to type and play all day without any issues. It can easily connect in and out of the keyboard via some slots so if you need to quickly move it out the way there are no issues.

Another thing I like about this wrist rest is the fact it is easily cleanable. because of the hard plastic material, if you spill anything onto the wrist rest it will come out with a wipe, unlike some of the leather and foam wrist rests out there.

However, I only have 1 minor issue with this rest. That is because sometimes it doesn’t attach fully to the keyboard allowing it to move around slightly. If you don’t move the wrist rest often you wont get this issue, but if you are popping it in and out of the slots often, sometimes you don’t lock it in correctly.


Another thing I like about this keyboard is the cable, it comes with a premium braded cable. You may think that a cable makes no difference, but I would digress. Because of my cable having no kinks in I can forget it is there, instead of having to pull on the cable to get the bends out like I have to on my other peripherals.

There are a few downsides to the cable placement. The first is that the cable is permanent and cant be swapped out for other cables. This limits your choice to coloured cables which can add to your gaming setup. Another downside is that the cable comes directly out the back of the keyboard, if you are wanting to go for the cable less look for your gaming setup, it would be handy for the cable to attach underneath the keyboard, therefor you can drill a hole through your desk and forget the cable was there.


I am very pleased with this overall keyboard, the keystrokes sound good along with the keycaps. Although they aren’t PBT keycaps, you can always buy a set of custom keycaps to go on your board. The frame doesnt squeak when pressure is applied, which is good. There isnt any flex to the board when typing as well, giving it an even more premium feel. The board is quite weighty which gives it the robust feel. If you are looking to buy a keyboard for gaming and everyday use, then I would definately recommend this board.

However there are some things I don’t like about this board, the first thing is that it only comes with red LED’s meaning I cant change the colour of the lighting to fit in with my setup. Also, it would be nice if they released a 60% version or a TKL version, providing you with more desk space and more room to move your mouse whilst gaming.

Final Thoughts

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Overall I would give this keyboard a 4 and a half stars, definately a good keyboard for the price.


  • Good textured wrist rest which provides a comfortable use.
  • The wrist rest is easy to clean.
  • It comes with a premium braded cable.
  • The board has an overall premium feel.
  • The frame doesn’t squeak or flex.
  • The keyboard has been manufactured well.
  • It is very good value.


  • There is no RGB control.
  • wrist rest sometimes doesn’t lock into place.
  • Cable cant be swapped out
  • Cable doesn’t come out the bottom of the keyboard
  • No other options for the keyboard size

What Do Others Think?

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