shoot & kill enemies taking cover

Get “Shoot & Kill Enemies Taking Cover” Fast

This guide will show you how to “Shoot & Kill Enemies Taking Cover” fast, allowing you to get back on that camo grind in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

Although not hard, this weapon camo challenge does take quite a long time to complete, but this guide will help you speed up that process.

What Is Killing Enemies Taking Cover?

First of all, before we get into anything, we need to understand what registers as killing enemies taking cover. There are two types of cover in Cold War and its important to know which one is which.

Partial Cover

Partial Cover is when an enemy’s arms/legs are out of cover or the vast majority of their body. This is the most common way of killing enemies behind cover, however this isn’t the type of cover required for the challenge, and its important not to get this mixed up with Full Cover.

Full Cover

Full cover is when an enemy’s head/chest is out of cover, this is the type of cover required to get the weapon camo’s. Although you can unconsciously get kills from enemy’s taking cover like this, it does take a while and you will only get a few kills like this per game, making it a slow process.

How To Kill Enemies Taking Cover Fast

Weapon Modifications

Modifying your weapon to especially kill enemies taking cover isn’t the most important thing to this guide, however it can help

The weapon attachments I recommend using are ones which help reduce recoil, if you can control your gun fine before this, then leave this step out. On the other hand, if you struggle controlling your recoil, these quick swaps can really help.

Another thing which may help is a scope. Again, this is not necessary, but this can help you in the fact that you will have better accuracy in those longer range gun fights.

Gamemodes To Play

First of all, I highly recommend playing in Hardcore mode to do this, this is because you can usually 1 or 2 shot your enemies, making it a very quick time to kill. This will help you tremendously in killing enemies behind cover because there is less chance of them making it out alive.

For the specific Gamemode, I wouldn’t say there is a best Gamemode, but I would say that domination comes in handy, this is because you have a better idea of the enemy spawn’s, therefor you know where they are coming from. Also, there tends to be less movement in this game mode so if you can get a good spot, there will be a lot of kills you can get for a while.

Maps To Play

The overall best map, in my opinion, would be Nuketown, if available I would play Nuketown 24/7 Hardcore. However, if you arent a fan of Nuketown, we have you covered, Garrison and Armada Strike are also very good maps. Below we will go into detail of why we chose the map, and the locations to look out for.


We chose Nuketown as the best map to do this challenge on because of the compact gameplay and the countless opportunities to kill enemies taking cover.

The first location in Nuketown would be the 2 house windows. I recommend crouching up against one of the windows and scoping into the other, with this method you can get a lot of kills with enemies taking cover.

The next useful location in Nuketown is behind the car, I don’t recommend standing still and scoping in on this all the time, but if you see and enemy there its a good opportunity.

Another location is between the two doors in the truck, if an enemy is crouched up on one of the sides it can count as killing an enemy taking cover, although sometimes it doesn’t work, so this one is a bit of an unpredictable spot.

The final main location in Nuketown is behind the arcade machines in the middle section of the map, where point B is in Domination. If an enemy is crouched up on the other side of this, it comes in very useful!

Although we have only shown 4 locations in Nuketown, there are many other mini locations you can find for yourself which will help you get a spare few kills.


Garrison Is another very useful map to kill enemies taking cover, In my opinion this isn’t as good as Nuketown, but it is still a strong contender!

The first location I recommend in Garrison is the clear column to the side of the map, this is also a popular location to run through so you will find lots of enemies here. You can shoot from either end of this column but I recommend the spot where I am in the image as it provides a slight advantage.

Also another location in Garrison is the bridge in the middle, If you are below the bridge, its a very useful location to kill enemies taking cover. You can also kill people peeking through the window to the right of the image below.

Also If you are on the bridge, you can scope into the end of the map where point A is usually located in Domination. This is another strong location.

Currently that is all of the main locations I can think of in Garrison, remember that if you are in the locations I’m aiming at in the image, you can also camp there and fire at where I am located in, in the images.

Armada Strike

This map allows for a lot of opportunities to kill enemies taking cover because of how open the map is on the two ends.

The first location I recommend in Armada Strike is on either end of the ship, I recommend aiming into the opposite side of the ship to where you are to have the chance of killing some enemies taking cover.

Also, another good location is to scope into the raised sections of the boat which provide cover, there are a few locations like this in the map, here is an example of one of them:

Also, another good location to look out for is through the windows, you can usually find lots of people scoping out the windows while crouched so there is a good opportunity to kill some people here!

Finally the last section I could think of in Armada is the outside section of the 2nd floor, if you can find some enemies waiting up here you could grab a few kills.

As always, that wants all of the locations in Armada, but I provided you with some of the main sections which will help you out.


That is all I have for this guide on how to kill enemies taking cover fast, If you have any suggestions or problems, feel free to leave us a comment below!

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