How To Glitch Out Of Nuketown ’84 – Cold War

This guide will explain how to glitch out of the Nuketown map in Black Ops Cold War, this will let you go out of the map boarders without dying. You will be able to survive the 5 second restricted area countdown.

How To:

First you will need to go to this location:

After you are at this location, jump onto the sofa next to the fence

Then jump onto the raised fence pole and run out of the map.

After you will need to sprint to the green bush and get right in the corner next to the fence,

Once you have got there the restricted area countdown will disappear and will look something like this:

I recommend holding a light weapon to get to this location because you will be tight for time, you can also slide to get there quicker.

You can also survive on the opposite end of the bush as well.

This location will give you an advantage because when the spawns switch, you will be able to easily pick off a few kills.