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How Far Are Longshots In Cold War

This guide will tell you how far longshots are in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. This will help you get the longshot medals, allowing you to unlock more camo’s for your weapons!

How To Ping

To ping a location, simply click on your keyboard to ping. If you are on Xbox or Playstation, click the left D-Pad button. You can check the official Activision website here what the controls are for you if you’re unsure.

Pinging a location allows you to see how far away something is, this will tell you if you at enough range to get longshot kills!

How Far Are Longshots In Cold War

Longshot kills are kills from around 30 metres or more, I would recommend getting in ranges of the higher 30’s or early 40’s to guarantee a longshot kill.

How To Get Longshot Kills Fast

We have a guide showing you exactly how to get longshot kills the fastest way in Cold War, with our method you can get over 20 long shot kills per game! Check it out here to see how you can get longshot kills fast.

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