How to Clear Discord Cache Files

How to Clear Discord Cache Files [January] 2022: Easy Steps

Are you looking to Clear Discord Cache Files? or are you facing a problem with the storage issue in your device? Are you also among those who constantly use the Discord platform, but somehow the storage in their system is unnecessarily filled up?

How to Clear Discord Cache Files
How to Clear Discord Cache Files

If you are among those then definitely this article is for you where we will tell you one of the reasons why your system storage filled unnecessarily. We are going to talk about Discord Cache Files and some easy methods to Clear Discord Cache Files from Windows, iOS, PC, etc so as to free up the storage of your system.

Discord digital platform
Discord digital platform

What is Discord Cache Files

Discord platform is a digital platform where one can connect with others via voice calls, video calls, and text messages. One can also share media with another. Discord platform is available for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and also for web browsers. But constant use of Discord generates cache files on the system. Discord Cache files are those files that automatically build up in your system with the existence of images, pictures, videos, and GIFs that the users used on the platform. These are needless files and not of use as per users’ perspective and simply fill up the storage of the system. So these Discord Cache files must be cleared on regular basis.

Why clear Discord Cache Files?

If you are thinking is it mandatory to clear Discord cache files, then the answer is absolutely yes. Discord app generates a lot of cache files on the system and these cache files generate when users use images, GIFs, videos on this app. This results in filling up the storage of the system at a rapid pace and you may come across a low disk space message. So it becomes mandatory to clear all the discord cache files at regular intervals.

Discord Cache Files Location

Discord app is available for various platforms like Windows PC, iOS, macOS, Android, Linux, etc. Everyone loves to connect with their friend and loved ones, Discord platform provides you the facility to connect with your friends and family. But this app leaves some cache files which reduces the system speed. The discord file location varies from system to system. Below we provide you with ‘how to clear discord cache files’ on various platforms where you will get to know the location of discord cache files and steps to clear these cache files.

How to Clear Discord Cache Files in Windows

Clearing Discord Cache files in windows is a manual process. You need to follow the steps to clear Cache files in windows:

  • Open the file explorer by and type “%appdata%\discord” in the path box.
  • Then go to the discord folder where you see the cache folder, code cache, and GPU cache folder.
  •  Delete all the cache files.
Discord cache file in windows
Discord cache file in windows
Remove cache files from windows
Remove cache files from windows

How to Clear Discord Cache Files on Android

In order to clear discord cache files from your android phone you need to follow the steps which are given below:

  • Open Settings of your android phone.
  • After opening settings, find the app option and open it.
  • Then Search for discord under the installed program list.
  • Once you find it, click on the discord.
  • Then click on the storage option, and then click on Clear cache.
Cache files in android
Cache files in android
Delete discord cache in android
Delete discord cache in android

How to Clear Discord Cache Files on PC

If you are using Discord on your PC, then you should know how to Clear Discord Cache files on your PC. Clearing discord cache on PC makes space that is occupied unnecessarily by cache files. Follow the steps to clear Discord cache files on PC :

  • Open the “RUN” box by simply pressing Windows +R key.
  • Then type command %APPDATA%/Discord/Cache in the RUN box.
  • You will get all Discord Cache files here, then select all the files and delete them. 
    Clear cache from PC
    Clear cache from PC

Softwares to Clear Discord Cache Files

Discord app automatically produces discord cache files when users share images, files, media, etc on the Discord app. These cache files reduce the speed of the system and also occupy the storage. So these cache files must be removed from the system, in order to enhance the performance of your system. One can use Softwares like MacPaw for MacOS and Cleanmypc for windows to Clear Discord Cache Files which removes all junk and cache files. 

Macpaw: CleanMyMac X for macOS

If you are using the Discord app on macOS then you can use Mac cleaner software “CleanMyMac X”. It cleans all junk files and cache files from your system and makes your system run faster. It clears all the unwanted files, outdated caches from your macOS. It also removes clutters in iTunes. CleanMyMac X improves the performance of the system by cleaning all discord cache files.

cleanmymac cleaning software
Cleanmymac cleaning software

Cleanmypc for Windows

Your PC must be Free from junk files, cache files, and all the other things that reduce the speed of your systems and make it slower. If you are using windows then you can use Cleanmypc to boost up the performance and speed of your system and clear all junk files and cache files. Cleanmypc software perform various functions in order to improve windows performance;

  • It finds all junk files and cache files from your system.
  • It keeps the Registry on PC clean and improves the speed of your PC
  • It uninstalls the unwanted program from your PC.
  • It cut down the extensions.
  • It uninstalls multiple programs.
  • It protects online privacy by clearing cookies.

This is all about Discord cache files and how to clear Discord cache files from your system. I hope you like all information that will help you to clear Discord cache files. If you and your friend or family use the Discord platform to connect, then don’t forget to share this article with them. If you have any query you can comment down below.