how to decrypt the militech credit chip

How to Decrypt the Militech Credit Chip – Cyberpunk 2077

In this guide we will show you the code in order to Decrypt the Militech Credit Chip, apart of The Pickup mission.

Before we get into this guide, I recommend saving your game, just in case you mess up as you may lock yourself out of the chip with only partial information.

How to Decrypt The Chip

The goal of decrypting the chip is to copy the daemon and also to clean the money.

First you will have to open your menu, to do this click M, and then click Esc, you will then have to navigate to your journal and select Shards.

After you are in the shards section, click on the Militech Datashard and press F to crack the security. You will be brought to a menu which looks like this:

You will have to enter this code:

  1. BD
  2. BD
  3. FF
  4. 55
  5. 1C
  6. E9

For a visualisation of this code, it looks like this:

Once you have pressed the first button, the 45 second timer will start, so don’t get locked out!

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