How to Game Share on Xbox

How To Game Share on Xbox Series X, Xbox 360 & Xbox One

If you are a video game lover and love to play video games with your friends on Xbox consoles, then this article is for you only. Everyone loves to play games with friends, but sometimes they are not physically present with you but do not worry, we will let you know how to Game Share on Xbox, and how you can share the huge gaming list with your and friends and loved ones.

How to Game Share on Xbox
How to Game Share on Xbox

There are a few steps just by following them you will get to know how to Game Share on Xbox, and at the end, there are frequently asked questions by Xbox consoles users regarding Game Share on Xbox. This article provides you with all the minute details regarding game share on Xbox.

How to Game Share on Xbox

In today’s world, everyone loves to play digital games which are available on various gaming consoles including Xbox. Xbox allows gamers to play plenty of games with a huge gaming list. You can share your gaming list with your friend by simply game sharing on Xbox. If you and your friend both have Xbox consoles then you can share your gaming library with your friends and family, this will reduce the cost as well as save time. Game sharing is available on Xbox One and Xbox one X. So it is mandatory to have Xbox consoles from both sharing ends (you and your friend). Follow the steps to Game share on Xbox:

  • Click Xbox on the controller in order to open the guide.
  • Click on the sign-in option.
  •  After signing in, click the add new option.
  • Now add the account detail of your friend with which you want to share the gaming library on Xbox.
  • Read the privacy statement and click on the Next button and set the preference.
  • Click on the ‘Xbox button’ on the controller and click on ‘Home’ which lets you to the home screen.
  • Now find the Gamertag of your friend and then select it to ‘sign in’.
  • Now you are signed in with your friend’s Xbox profile.
  • Now again click on the ‘Xbox button’ and Select ‘System >’; ‘Settings >’; personalization and at the end select My home option.
  • Click on the “make this my home Xbox” to choose the console as your home Xbox.

The same process of Game Share on Xbox. is to be done from your friend’s side. Once it is done, both of you get access to each other games library.

Things to Consider before Game Share on Xbox

Game sharing is absolutely a great option available for Xbox Consoles users which definitely cut the cost, and allows you to share games list with your friend and family. But there are certain things that should be kept in mind before Game share on Xbox.

  • Game sharing on Xbox should be done between the trusted party because there is account sharing between two parties, so make sure if you want to game share on Xbox always shares with your trusted one, otherwise, your account will be mishandled.
  • Game sharing on Xbox is limited between two-party only which means you can’t Game share on Xbox to more than one person.
  • Game sharing on Xbox is digital, which means you will not get any physical copy of games.
Game sharing on Xbox
Game sharing on Xbox

How to Game Share on Xbox in 2021

If you want to enjoy all the games that your friends play on Xbox consoles, then definitely you can get all those games that your friends play on Xbox consoles. There is the opportunity for Game Share on Xbox in 2021, not only you can game share on Xbox but also you can get access to titles from subscription services. There are some steps that you need to follow for game sharing on Xbox, which is given above in the section of “How to Game Share on Xbox“. 

How to Game Share on Xbox One without a home Xbox?

Game sharing is very common on various consoles including Xbox consoles too. Game sharing is one of the best things that the gaming community have which allows you to get access to the gaming library of your friend and family by just simply adding an account. Xbox provides a Game sharing facility between two accounts provided both the users have Xbox consoles (Xbox One and Xbox One S/X). One can not game share on Xbox without a home Xbox.

Game sharing in Xbox series
Game sharing in Xbox series

FAQ 1: Are you allowed to Game Share on Xbox?
Answer: Yes you can share games on Xbox with your friends and family by simply changing your account in the Xbox menu setting and you will be allowed to download games from your friend’s gaming library. Game sharing on Xbox is possible only when both users have Xbox consoles.

FAQ 2: Can you game Share PS4 and Xbox One?
Answer: It is possible to share games on PlayStation to Playstation and also from Xbox to Xbox consoles but game sharing between PlayStation and Xbox One is not possible.

FAQ 3: Is Game sharing illegal on Xbox?
Answer: Game sharing on Xbox with your trusted friends and family members is not illegal. Xbox allows you to share your gaming library with the help of Xbox consoles. It is limited to two users only at a time and it is absolutely legal.

FAQ 4: How do you Game share on Xbox one and play at the same time?
Answer:  Yes, you can game share on Xbox one and play at the same time by just making your Xbox console the home console of another user account. Then sign in to his account and you can share games on Xbox.

Game sharing between two friends
Game sharing between two friends

FAQ 5: How many times can you game share on Xbox?
Answer: The game sharing facility on Xbox is limited to two users only which means you are not able to share your account with more than one user. One can change accounts in Xbox five times a year.

This is all about ‘how to Game share on Xbox‘. We hope you got all information about game sharing on Xbox. Follow the steps given above and increase your gaming list. If you want more info, just follow our and social media handles.