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How To Increase FPS In Cyberpunk 2077

This guide will show you how to increase fps in Cyberpunk 2077. With these simple steps taking less than 10 minutes, you can dramatically boost your FPS, I have done these steps myself, and the improvements are astounding!

We will go through in game settings you need to change, along with settings and improvements to make and change outside the game. I guess with all of that out the way, lets get into the information you need to know!

How To Increase FPS In Cyberpunk 2077

In-Game Settings

The first thing we will run through today will be the in-game settings, first of all to open settings, if you aren’t already in the game you can simply press on settings but if you are in the game, press the Esc key to bring up the menu.

Gameplay Settings

Once in the settings, navigate to the Gameplay tab, under performance, turn Crowd Density to low and Slow HDD Mode off.

Video Settings

In the Video tab, make sure to disable VSync, and turn on Maximum FPS. I recommend setting the FPS cap to just a little bit higher than your monitor, my monitor is 144hz so I set the cap to 170 FPS.

Also, I recommend setting the Windowed Mode to Fullscreen and the Resolution to your native monitor resolution. If you have a 4k monitor and struggle for FPS, I recommend setting your Resolution to 1920×1080 to save some resources. Also make sure you disable HDR mode!

Graphics Settings

There might be quite a lot of settings you need to change here, to make it easier to read we will set out a table of the settings you need to use.

Quick PresetCustom
Texture QualityLow
Field of View80
Film GrainOff
Chromatic AberrationOff
Depth of FieldOff
Lens FlareOn
Motion BlurOff
Contact ShadowsOff
Improved Facial Lighting GeometryOn
Local Shadow Mesh QualityLow
Local Shadow QualityOff
Cascaded Shadows RangeMedium
Cascaded Shadows ResolutionLow
Distant Shadows ResolutionLow
Volumetric Fog ResolutionLow
Volumetric Cloud QualityOff
Max Dynamic DecalsLow
Screen Space Reflections QualityOff
Subsurface Scattering QualityLow
Ambient OcclusionOff
Colour PrecisionMedium
Mirror QualityLow
Level of Detail (LOD)Medium
Ray TracingOff
Dynamic FidelityFX CASOff
Static FidelityFX CASOff

You can turn Ray Tracing on, but I recommend keeping it off especially if you have a lower end PC, check our page out here to see the minimum PC requirements to run ray tracing.

Task Manager Settings

For this you will need to keep the game running in the background. If you dont know how to open task manager, either right click your taskbar and select Task Manager, or hold Ctrl + Alt + Del.

In the processes tab, right click Cyberpunk 2077 and select Go to details.

Once you have done this, right click it again, and set the priority to high.

This will dedicate more resources to playing the game, which should increase your performance. Also, I recommend closing some programs you don’t need in the background. If you go to the Start-up tab, you can stop programs from starting up when you boot up your system.

Game Bar Settings

Now you can close the game and also task manager. Simply search for game bar in the windows search.

Once you have opened this up, uncheck Record game clips, screenshots and broadcast using Game bar. This setting will be in the Game bar tab. Next, navigate to the captures tab, and disable to background recording option.

If you do want to record your game, I recommend using OBS, it allows you to have much more performance while recording.

GPU Updates

I highly recommend updating your GPU to the newest graphics drivers, this will allow your hardware to gain more performance. If you have a AMD graphics card you can also do this, but we will be focusing on Nvidia graphics cards for this section.

Simply search up GeForce Experience in the windows search, open the program. Once in the program navigate to the Drivers section. If there aren’t any drivers to update, you can click on check for updates.

No matter what game you play, its always a good idea to regularly check for driver updates which sometimes boost your performance.

Next, in the home tab, select details for Cyberpunk.

Here, click on the wrench icon and drag the slider closer to the Performance side.

Make sure to press apply!

OS Updates

In the windows search, type in Update, and select Check for updates. I recommend updating you Operating System to the newest version as this could increase your performance, especially if you haven’t updated in a while.

Control Panel Settings

To open the control panel for your GOU, right click your desktop, I have an NVIDIA GPU so I will select NVIDIA Control Panel.

Once you are in the control panel, go to the Manage 3D settings section at the side.

Then, click on the Program Settings tab. Click on Add and select Cyberpunk 2077.

Once you have added this, we will change a few settings. Make sure that the CUDA – GPUs setting is set to your main GPU. Next set the Power management mode to Prefer maximum performance. Finally set the Texture filtering – Quality to Performance. When this is done, click on apply, now you can close out of the Control Panel.

Graphics System Settings

Again, in the Windows search, type in Graphics Settings, and select Graphics Settings.

On this window, select Browse and your file explorer will open up. From here, select the storage device the game is saved on. Now follow what I do:

Program Files (x86) > Steam steamapps > common > Cyberpunk 2077 > bin x64 > Cyberpunk2077

Once you have finally selected Cyberpunk2077, it will be added to the Graphics Settings. Once it is added, select Options and set the graphics preference to High Performance.

Delete Temporary Files

I recommend deleting your temporary files, these are useless files your system doesn’t need which clutter up your hard drive/SSD. To do this, in the Windows search, type in %temp%, and select the option which comes up.

Once this file has opened, you can simply delete everything in there, if a warning comes up saying the file is in use, I would skip past that file. After doing this myself, I cleared up 3GB of space!

The Results

From completing all these steps, I went from getting around 40 FPS, to in some cases 160FPS. This is overall a very good tactic to getting large amounts of FPS increase, most of the things which helped gain this performance didn’t even come from the in game settings!

If you are worrying about how the game will look after this, don’t! With these settings changed, the game still looks amazing!

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