How To Join Easier Lobbies In Cold War

This guide will show you the steps you can take to matchmake in earlier lobbies in Black Ops Cold War, avoiding skill based matchmaking as much as possible. This year skill based matchmaking is very strong so it is nice to sometimes avoid it and play with all levels of skills.

How To

Step 1

The first step to getting easier lobbies in Cold War is to turn off cross play if you are on Playstation or Xbox. This allows you to only play against people on the same platform as you, avoiding the PC players who have a big advantage over console players. If you play on PC I would recommend to keep skill based matchmaking on so you can play against console players.

Step 2

Once you join your match, check the players and see what levels they are in your lobbies. Currently at this point in time the max prestige is prestige 3, but if you are reading this into the future then that will be raised. If you get into a lobby with high prestige players, I recommend leaving, however you could play with them as levels don’t directly mean skill, however they are more likely to be better players. I recommend joining a lobby with players around the same level as you or less.

Step 3

If you play with friends, I recommend getting the worst player to matchmake. This will mean you will get much easier lobbies, this method works very well for me when I play on Xbox with my friends, I get much easier lobbies to when I would be playing by myself or on PC.

Step 4

If you really like you can make a whole new account. Once you are on this new account you will be matchmarked into easier lobbies, personally I wouldn’t do this step but if you are thinking about it go for it!

Also, If you are like me, I play on both PC and Xbox, I have linked both accounts together. I am much better on my PC than my Xbox so when I’m playing CoD on my Xbox, I’m making my stats worse, because of this when I jump back and play on PC, I have some easy lobbies to freshen up the gameplay.

Step 5

If you care about your KD and your stats, this step might not be the one for you, but for ones who don’t, this will work very well. I recommend doing very bad for a few games, maybe you could be going AFK or levelling up a gun you are very bad at playing with. Once you come back and play properly, you will have much easier lobbies than before. I have noticed this when I have been trying to get gold with a weapon I don’t like, and then when I come back, the lobbies are much easier.

In Short

  • Turn off cross play
  • Check for high levels in lobbies
  • Let your worst friend matchmake
  • Make a whole new account/link accounts
  • Do bad for a few games

I hope these steps will help you get easier lobbies in Cold War, and make the multiplayer much more enjoyable!

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