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How to Reverse Boost In Cold War

This guide will show you how to reverse boost in Cold War, this year skill based match making is a very big issue, and reverse boosting will help you to get easier lobbies in Black Ops Cold war.

In this guide we will show you 3 methods of reverse boosting, some of these methods might take a little bit of time so be patient!

What is Reverse Boosting?

Reverse Boosting is when you use methods to get matchmaked in the lower skill based match making bands, allowing you to play against players much worse than you. This year, with SBMM being so strong, it is sometimes hard to enjoy CoD as you have to sweat all the time, however Reverse Boosting will allow you to play against easier players.

This year, many players are starting to reverse boost, along with YouTubers, this allows you to get on high kill streaks and do very well in your matches!

How to Reverse Boost In Cold War

Method 1

For this method, you will need to play 7-10 games, during these games you are going to want to get no kills. Also, you are going to want to die as much as possible, you cant die from throwing a frag grenade or semtex at your feet because that doesn’t count towards SBMM. I recommend to try and get 50 deaths per game, this will help you get much easier lobbies in the end!

Once you have played your 7-10 games, you will notice that your matches are much easier however, because you will now be going on high kill streaks, you will soon be back in the old harder lobbies you were in before.

This method will reduce your KD, if you aren’t bothered by this then this is defiantly a good method to try!

All you need to do is repeat this cycle, this isn’t the most permanent method of reverse boosting in Cold War, however its good for having a few relaxing games.

Method 2

This method is very similar to the 1st method. however for this method you wont need to tank your KD. What you are going to want to do is make a brand new account. You can do this here, at the official activision website.

Once you have your new account and you are playing on that new account, do the same thing as method 1, but this time for around 50 games. This will allow you to stay in the reverse boosted matches for a lot longer than Method 1, so if you have some spare time, I recommend trying this method as it is very effective.

As long as you keep this account under a 0.3 KD, and a very low score per minute, this method will definately work.

Method 3

This is the method which most YouTubers use, for this method, you are going to want to have Cold War on two platforms, for example PC and Xbox.

After you have 2 different accounts, you are going to want to make one of the accounts have very bad stats, so that account matchmakes with very bad players. I recommend doing the same thing as method 2 to get these low stats.

Once you have done this, search for a match on your secondary account, when it says looking for players, join on your main account, you may have to send a friend request to your other account to join their match. Once you have joined the lobby, the only players joining will be very bad players.

I recommend once the match is full and ready to start, leave on your secondary account.

This method is probably the best method if you have 2 devices, however not a lot of people can do this as it is quite expensive.

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