How To Unlock The Hellion Skin – Cold War

This guide will show you how to unlock the Hellion customization skin for the Operator Park in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. We will provide a quick and easy guide for you, allowing you to quickly get on your way to unlocking this cool customization!

Hellion Skin

Before we get into how to get this operator skin, we will show you how it looks! If you like bright skins then you will definately like this one! This is a variant of the Park operator but with brightly coloured clothing, and a luminescent green earpiece wire which I think really stands out!

There are a mix of blue, pink and purple colours in this character. The only downside with all of these bright colours is that you will be easily spotted in game. Within the games lifetime, there will be more and more players with bright skins like this one so that shouldn’t be too big of an issue.

Hellion Skin – How To Get

To get this Character, you will have to complete some operator missions. First of all, you will have to reach Tier 30 in the battle pass to unlock this mission.

There are 4 different objectives leading up to this big skin at the end. At each objective you get a reward!

For completing the 1st objective you get the Arms Length Calling Card, for the 2nd, you get the Commando Park Skin. Next, for the 3rd objective you will be rewarded with the No Compromise Emblem. And for the final objective you get the Hellion Skin you have been waiting for.

Objective 1

This objective is quite easy, all you need to do is play any multiplayer game mode and earn 3 Double Kill medals. A Double Kill medal is rewarded when you get 2 rapid kills.

Objective 2

Again, like objective 1, this is again really easy! All you need to do is get 15 Eliminations while using the Cold Blooded Perk. To equip this Perk, you can do so when editing your Loadout in the Perks section.

Objective 3

For this objective, you have to get a Bloodthirsty medal. A Bloodthirsty medal is rewarded when the player gets 5 kills without dying. This shouldn’t be too hard also.

Objective 4

For the final objective you will have to hop over to Warzone. This is a free to play Battle Royale. In Warzone, you have to earn a top 15 placement with your team 1 time. This again wont be very hard to do.

Overall, this Park Skin is very easy to get, and should take you less than an hour at most! I would say it is worth completing as you get quite a few rewards for little effort.

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