Industrial Shutters Bug Fix – Walk The Line – Cyberpunk 2077

This guide will provide you with a workaround which will fix the Industrial Shutter bug fix, stopping you from reaching the movie theatre in the Walk The Line mission in Cyberpunk 2077.

Industrial Shutters Bug Fix

There is a simple workaround to this bug, in the mall go to the top floor. You can easily do this by going to either elevator shaft placed near the van, a previous objective, be careful not to be seen, you can always do a sneak kill.

Once you are on the top floor, walk to Kabayan Foods, this is the second store on the right hand side of the mall. Once you enter the store, your map will update and lead you to a door on the left, you will now be able to resume your mission!

Video Guide

If you are having some issues with this guide, you can watch hypnagogic jerk’s video showing you how to fix this bug!

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