JIALONG Gaming Mousepad Review – Worth It?

I have used the JIALONG Gaming Mousepad for a lot of months, and in this review I will tell you my opinions about the mousepad and Ill give you some details about the product.

About The Mousepad

The mousepad’s dimensions are 900mm x 400mm x 3mm, In my opinion this is the perfect size for an extended mousepad, I especially enjoy having more room to move my mouse up and down because of the 400mm length.

The mousepad comes with a rubber base, with my experience I would say it is around average, the mousepad does move around a little but it isn’t noticeable.

The stitching on the mousepad is very impressing, it is very smooth and you cant notice it whilst using the mousepad.

The cloth material of the mousepad is smooth, but with using more premium mousepads you can tell that it is a smoother product, but it still is very good for the price!



  • The stitching on the mousepad is very smooth.
  • The mousepad’s size is perfect.
  • The overall mousepad design is nice but not in your face.
  • The mousepad is VERY good for the price.
  • The mousepad’s texture can lead to hours of unnoticeable use.
  • The mousepad doesn’t slide while pressure is added.


  • My mousepad’s design (World map) has some countries and oceans spelt wrong, for example “Induan Ocean”.
  • The mousepad can slide if you don’t put any pressure on the mousepad.
  • The mousepad’s surface makes your mouse glide less than more premium pads.

Star Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, for the cheap price this is a very good mousepad. I would have given it a 4.5/5 if there were no spelling errors on my mousepad. This mousepads materials feel very smooth and allows you to use the mousepad without noticing it is there, if you are wanting to spend a small amount on a mousepad, I would say this is the one to go for.