Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

[Solved] Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working in 2022

Are you facing a problem due to Nintendo Switch Dock? Looking for the solution for Nintendo Switch Dock not working? Are you tired of searching here and there for its solution and still not getting the solution? then you are in the right place. As we are going to help you out and provide you with the ultimate fixes for the Nintendo Switch dock not working.

What Causes Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

Nintendo Switch by Nintendo is the latest in the list of video gaming consoles when it hit the market in 2017. Since then it makes a different place among gamers and gamers love to play games on this console. Nintendo Switch can be used in two ways in handheld or by attaching it to the dock. No doubt Nintendo Switch is a solid performance console but in some instances, the problem occurs with this console. One of the problems that arise with this console is regarding the Dock when Nintendo Switch Dock not working which obstructs or ruins the gaming experience of users.

There could be more than a single reason for Nintendo Switch Dock not working. The first problem lies with the dock itself when the dock you are using has a fault or it might be defective. Apart from this, the cables or wires that are connected to the Nintendo Switch dock are not in the correct order. Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working problem may arise due to HDMI cable if it is unable to provide enough power for Switch dock. One more possibility that could be there for the Switch dock not working is the power source to which you have connected your switch dock as it requires a high amount of power to run. 

Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working
Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

How to Fix Switch Dock Not Working in 2022

As there are multiple reasons for Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working, Similarly there are multiple fixes to fix this problem. Below is the list of methods to Fix the Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working problem. Check out all the fixes and if one does not work for you then try out a different one. One of the fixes definitely works for you.

Methods to Fix Switch Dock When Not Working
Fix 1: Check Power Cable
Fix 2: Insert Cables in Correct Order
Fix 3: Unplug the entire setup
Fix 4: Check HDMI Cable
Fix 5: Check Faulty Dock
Fix 6: Reset Nintendo Switch

Check Power Cable

Nintendo Switch dock is mainly used to charge Switch devices and is the mediator between the switch devices and the TV. It is very much possible that the power cable which is attached to the switch dock does not provide sufficient power. So make sure to use the original power cable that comes with the device and also make sure to plug it into a direct power outlet and avoid plugging it into the extension cord.

Check Power cable to fix Nintendo Switch dock not working problem
Check Power cable to fix Nintendo Switch dock not working problem

Insert Cables in Correct Order

If Nintendo Switch Dock not working properly then check whether the cables attached to the Switch dock are in the correct order or not. If not then connect the cables in the correct order. Wrong order connection of cables to the dock will result in not working of switch dock.

Unplug the entire setup

If Switch Dock not working problem is still there, then it is suggested to you to reinstall the entire setup. First, unplug the entire setup by removing the HDMI cable as well as a power cable, and after that build the setup again. It might work for you as the wrong arrangement of cable will rectify.

Check HDMI Cable

If are getting trouble connecting your switch dock with the TV, then the HDMI cable can be one of the reasons for it. Check HDMI cable whether it is correctly plugged in or not. If not, then try to plug in the correct order.

Check Proper arrangement of HDMI Cable
Check Proper arrangement of HDMI Cable

Check Faulty Dock

If you find out the arrangement of the power cable and the HDMI cable is correct and you also reinstall the setup but till you are facing Nintendo Switch Dock not working then it is a high possibility that you are using the faulty switch dock. If you bought it new and it is under warranty then try to replace it with the new one, or just take it to the service center for its repairing.

Reset Nintendo Switch

Now one more method to solve this issue is to reset Nintendo Switch. First Unplug the power cable as well as the HDMI cable. Then press the Power button for almost 15 seconds. Wait for at least 40 seconds,  and in between try to power up Switch and TV. After that plug every component and power up and try to connect Nintendo Switch to Dock and see whether Switch dock is working or not.

Fix Nintendo switch dock not working
Fix Nintendo switch dock not working

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What to do if your Nintendo switch dock not working?

Answer: If your Nintendo Switch Dock is not working then you must check the power cable and HDMI cable, check whether the dock has a fault or not, Reinstall the entire setup, look for resetting of the Nintendo Switch, etc.

FAQ 2: Why Nintendo switch dock not working flashing green light?

Answer: The flashing of green light is generally of three prime reasons it may be due to new update, or power interruption or the there is a fault in the dock.

This is all about How to fix Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working. If this guide worked for you then share this with other Nintendo Switch users and stay connected to us for more gaming guides.