Nintendo Switch Wont Turn On

[SOLVED] How to Fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On in 2022

Do you play games on the Nintendo Switch gaming console but facing problems due to Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On?  If yes, then this guide on “how-to on Nintendo Switch when it is not turning on” is going to help you out. In this guide, you will get to know the actual cause behind Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On and the methods or fixes with which you can easily sort out this issue.

Nintendo Switch Wont Turn On
Nintendo Switch won’t Turn On

Why does Nintendo Switch Won’t turn on?

Nintendo Switch is a gaming console released in 2017 and is preferred by most gamers to play games. This gaming console is developed by Nintendo itself. It is a tablet and be used as a home console or portable device. Sometimes users face a problem when the Nintendo switch won’t turn on, the console suddenly turns off and won’t turn on. There are some common reasons behind this, it may be due to data loss, or the device gets freeze or the problem lies in the battery of the Nintendo switch. It might not be turning on due to a fault in the power cord or in the adapter.

Nintendo switch Wont Turn On-Fixes
Nintendo Switch won’t Turn On-Fixes

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Won’t turn on?

Whatever the reason behind the Nintendo Switch won’t turn on, we have to look for its solution and solve this issue as soon as possible in order to bring the console in proper working mode. Below is the best “fixes for Nintendo switch won’t turn on” issue. Follow each fix carefully and if one doesn’t work for you try out the different one.

How to Fix Nintendo Switch Won’t turn on [Methods]
Fix 1. Check the Battery
Fix 2. Check Power Cord
Fix 3. Plug it in to charge
Fix 4. Perform a hard reset
Fix 5. Check the power adapter
Fix 6. Change Power Cord
Fix 7. Take it to the repair shops

Check the Battery

If your Nintendo Switch won’t turn on, then check the battery first. If it is low, then plug it for a charge. Leave it in charge for at least an hour and then only try to turn it on again. If it is not charged then you can also replace the battery of your Switch console if it is under warranty.

Check Power Cord

Nintendo Switch won’t turn on if the power cord is damaged or in a broken state. If you find out the power cord is broken or damaged then replace it with the new cable. If you find the Power cord is in good condition and you didn’t notice any wear and tear in the power cord cable then ensure that there is no loose connection. If so, tighten the power cable to avoid a loose connection otherwise, your Nintendo switch won’t turn on.

Check Power Cord of Nintendo Switch
Check Power Cord of Nintendo Switch

Plug it in to charge

It is the very basic thing you need to do when your Nintendo Switch won’t turn on. If your Switch doesn’t have enough charge then plug it in to charge and let it be charged at least for 15 minutes then after try to turn it on. One thing you must keep in your mind always uses the original switch power adapter while charging the Nintendo switch. If it doesn’t open then proceed to the next fix.

Perform a hard reset

If you find, charging switch didn’t work for you then the next thing you can do to perform a hard reset of the Nintendo Switch Console. This might work for you. Start the hard reset process by pressing the power button, and hold it for about 15 seconds, and then release it. Now turn on your console normally and check whether it is turned on or not.

Reset of Nintendo Switch
Reset of Nintendo Switch

Check the power adapter

The next thing you can do is reset the power adapter. Resetting the power adapter might work for you and fix the problem of the Nintendo Switch won’t turn on. For resetting the power adapter, just unplug the cord from the device and power outlet. Wait for at least 30 seconds before replugging it and then power on the device. It is suggested, use the official charger of Nintendo.

Check Power Adapter of Nintendo Switch
Check Power Adapter of Nintendo Switch

Change Power Cord

If the Power Cord which you are using to charge your Nintendo Switch Console is damaged or broken then you must consider replacing it with the new Nintendo Power Cord.

Take it to the repair shops

After trying all the above mention methods, but still, the problem of Nintendo Switch won’t Turn on is there, the final thing you can do is to take your Nintendo Switch console to the nearest repair shop or take it to the service center and ask for repairing it.

Frequently Asked Question

FAQ 1: What to do Nintendo switch won’t turn on after charging?

Answer:  If your Nintendo Switch Wont turn on after charging then check the power cord, check the power adapter, or perform a hard reset of your console. But still, the problem remains there then take it to the nearest repair shop.

So these are all the fixes for Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On. Try these methods, hopefully, one of them will work for you. Share these fixes with those who are facing the same problem with the Nintendo Switch and subscribe to our newsletter for more guides.