Raid The Mall An Error Occurred

Raid The Mall An Error Occurred – Cold War

Have you tried to play Raid The Mall recently, and you have have an error code when trying to join the game? This page will give you a bit more information on what this error actually is and why its affecting you.

About The Error

The error code I have got is Zed 398 Swift Clover, this happens when I search for a game in the Raid The Mall playlist. So far, this error only effects PC players, console players are fine. This error stops you from being able to join a game on this playlist.

Is There A Fix?

So far, there isn’t a fix to this error, however if you have a console, you can play on that as it doesn’t effect console players. So far, this error has just appeared because of the Season 1 update, because the update has just came out, Activision should hopefully be finding a fix to this error right now.

We don’t exactly know how long it will be until there is a fix for this error but if we are prediction a fix time, like the previous bugs in this game, I am making a excessive estimate of over a week for this to be fixed. However, it should only take a few days to see a fix for this, until then, we will just have to wait.

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