Scan For Thermal Clues To Find The Relic Location

Scan For Thermal Clues To Find The Relic Location – Cyberpunk 2077

This guide will show you where to scan for thermal clues to find the Relic location. This mission is apart of the play through of Evelyn’s Braindance where you are in Yorinobu Arasaka’s apartment. There is a section of this mission where you need to switch to thermal mode, but where are the clues!

Where are the thermal clues?

First of all, to switch to thermal camera, you have to click left shift if you are on PC, to know you are in thermal mode, it will have an infrared look.

You are going to want to rewind to the time 0:45, where Evelyn went to get a drink, there will be a blue mist, this is a hidden safe, you need to scan this.

You will be told that you have gotten all the information you need, you can now exit out of the Braindance.

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