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What Is The Rebirth Island Easter Egg? – Warzone

With the brand new Rebirth Island update to Warzone, they have added an Easter egg! Here, we will quickly give you all the details about this easter egg and what it unlocks so you can get back into your game and start playing.

Rebirth Island Easter Egg

This easter egg to Rebirth Island is a secret yellow door easter egg. In order to unlock the yellow door, you will need an eight digit code. In order to get the eight digit code, you are going to want to find a suitcase with three photographs.

Its not all as simple as putting an eight digit code you find online into the door, there are many different codes. The 3 photos you find with the suitcase point to 3 different rooms in the map, were you will find 3 different numbers, which when put together, they will form the code.

This may sound simple, but this easter egg is quite hard to do, definately the hardest easter egg Warzone has experienced.

What Happens When You Open The Door?

When you open the Yellow Door, you will get a Specialist Bonus, the Foresight Killstreak, the Red Room Silenced SMG Blueprint. There is also some extra info about the storyline for Warzone, along with your usual legendary chests. This is definately a cool thing to try and open!

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